Journey so far…

Journey so far…

I am not a yogini , I am a yoga practitioner and a full time yoga instructor. I am not an expert, I am a learner, learning new things every day and one among these is YOGA.

How Yoga came into my life and how it changed me?

After my college , I started working as a HR for a leading media recruitment firm. It was a desk job and soon with the change in lifestyle, my health problems started increasing. Initially, I ignored them but later on after a year or so I realized that I will have to fix these problems because they were increasing day by day.

I tried swimming, jogging, gym, pilates , dancing, power yoga and I enjoyed doing all these(I still do most of them) but something was missing.. Later I started watching videos on you tube about power yoga and started practicing. From power yoga I came on yoga and got curious to learn more about it in deep but could not find time.

Then in 2015, I took a break from work for couple of months and finally did my Yoga teacher’s training course. If I say I saw transformation in my body and mind ,it will be an understatement. I had a mind of a monkey which kept on jumping from here and there. I was restless but after this course I feel calm. My thoughts, my mind and body are in sync. I am still learning advanced yoga postures and teaching yoga everyday because it is not a one day affair. It is a way of life. Not that I have become a superwoman by practicing Yoga(which people suppose when you are a yoga practitioner)  but I am a more sorted person. I have gained strength physically and mentally and it is increasing day by day. My progress each day is small but it is consistent.

My outlook towards life, towards people around me, towards the daily challenges of life , towards our attitude of “why me “ when problems come, towards others influencing me or affecting my state of mind and every negative thing has changed.  The more I have started accepting things around me , easier is my journey. I am happy for no reason. I am greatful for what I have , I am contented with my own self, not that I don’t want to grow or learn more but I feel at peace and it helps to plan in a better way. Now I don’t react but I respond, I don’t loose my temper for small small things, I don’t get annoyed if someone close to me does what I don’t like and this process is ongoing and it will never end. It is not easy , it is not that I don’t get off track but I take a moment think about it and get back to track. I am more aware of everything. I am more aware of what I feel and why I feel and whether that feeling really matters or it is just a reaction to something which my mind is trained to do from last so many years. I think what is the purpose behind doing any action. I have learned to embrace change, to seek the positive in any given situation.

This process allows me to be more adaptable, allows me to grow and learn, allows the waves of turmoil to wash on by instead of getting stuck.

I know there will be challenges ahead in life, I know it may be a rough road, it may challenge me each day , but the end result is worth it all, and it will make me much stronger and will prepare me for further challenges ahead. Ending it with one of my favorite thoughts which is stuck in my head for good.

“Enjoy the journey because it is the journey that matters and not the destination.”

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  1. This one is so good and great full progress in yours life bhabhi……..
    and congratulation……..for your hobby job……..thanks for the good vibes……

    1. Thank you.

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