Is Luxury becoming our necessity?

Is Luxury becoming our necessity?

Luxury is a relative term. Whatever is a luxury for me can be your basic necessity and vice – a- versa.

We all love to live a luxurious life and in order to live that kind of life we are running day and night to earn more, to spend more and to buy more and more. There is nothing wrong in it but the moment we get attached to these luxuries , we do not enjoy our present life and this attachment leads to disappointment and frustration and stress where we forget what we have or how far we have come but are running to reach destination which will never arrive.



So, luxury is good only if it remains as luxury and does not become  necessity or base of life. We often become slave of luxury, we want it whether we deserve it or not, whether we have worked hard to get it or not whether we have earned it or not.  It is good to be ambitious , it is good to dream about the best in life but one should not focus on it so much that one cannot live without it or one just focuses on getting it and forget to live life , spending time with family and seeing  kids growing up, relaxing and spending time with one’s own selves. Once in a while we all go off track and do such things but it is important to get back to reality.

We should have our own ways to come back to our base. Everytime I pass through a signal and see that there is other part of the world where people are living in a hut ,  sitting in open, eating on roads, their kids sleeping on gunny bags and roaming around almost without clothes, I pause there for a while and think how much better our life is. Shouldn’t we really be greatful to God for whatever we have? A loving family, a house to stay, good food to eat, good clothes to wear and everything else which actually is a ” luxury” for these people who have not experienced it even once.

Every day when I get up and look in the mirror and I say to myself that “ I am blessed “because I am alive, because am healthy, because I have so many things to be greatful for in life .  Before going to sleep I think of one incident in a day which makes me feel that I am lucky to be “ME” These are small things which when I do everyday , I find balance between needs and wants, I find peace with myself and not run behind luxuries yet work hard constantly to become better in whatever I do keeping in mind that I have to become a better human being too.

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