How to set a goal and be consistent on your goal?

How to set a goal and be consistent on your goal?

Have you ever had a new year resolution but failed to continue on it? Have you ever started on something – daily exercise routine, dieting etc, but gave up on it before reaching your goals?

We often want to do things which are good for us and start it with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm but fail to be consistent at it. Be it following your passion along with work, eating healthy food, exercising or practicing Yoga. I have seen so many people who pay for yearly membership of gym and don’t even go for a month. It happens to all of us. It is a natural human tendency. Don’t feel guilty about it because each one of us do it at some point in time but we have to be SMART and work on it and try to be more consistent.

I want to share with you all few tricks to keep it going.


1) Whenever you want to do any activity make sure you are doing it because “YOU” want to do it and not because of social pressure. For example- you want to exercise because you want to be fit and not because people around you are exercising.


2) Be clear of WHY you want to do it and what are the benefits you will get out of it? Benefits should be motivating and not limited to physical/ materialistic aspect. For example- I do yoga not only because I want to be fit but it gives me mental peace and relieves me from all the negative emotions. I want to exercise daily because health benefits of ‘daily’ exercise goes beyond just weight loss.


3) Do not be superficial and have short term, shallow goals and desires because it will be very temporary and after sometime it may demotivate you. Instead, have long term and reasonable goals and then split it to short term goals which are achievable as per your capacity.


4) Attach an irreplaceable emotional goal to that activity and work backwards after setting a goal. The emotional the goal the more chance it will help you to stay on track.


Let us understand these points with an example-


I met a senior professional who will be in his 40s and is passionate about running and runs marathon 10 times every year. I asked him how do you manage to do it along with your work and family (because it requires extensive training every single day) he said, “my daughter is 15 now, and I have promised her i will give her 100 medals(by running a marathon) as her wedding gift (he assumes she will get married at 25) I have 10 years to collect 100 medals, which makes 10 medals in a year and so I run marathon almost every month.


When we try to relate this example to all the above mentioned points , we can summarize-


1) He wants to do the activity (run) and it comes from within.

2) He knows why is her running and is passionate about the same.

3) He has a long term and realistic goal, he does not want to collect all the medals in a year.

4)He has a very strong reason for doing this activity and this reason will keep motivating him.

Hope this helps you to plan goals and stick to your plans!


Stay healthy, Stay motivated.






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