Flush the toxins off your mind!

So there will be time when you feel that everything is being shattered and that you are not stronger like before, you are struggling physically or mentally to overcome your fears and insecurities , if you feel this any time , just sit there…. Relax…and …. breathe….

We all feel this at some point in our life and it is OK (in bold , italics and underlined)to feel so. But whenever you feel that, do the following.


  • Accept that feeling or emotion, accept that currently you are disturbed or down but also accept that it is temporary.
  • Once you have accepted this and are OK with you being sad or low , try to find out the reason behind that emotion. It can be any ailment , wrong eating or sleeping pattern, relationship issues, work stress an so on.
  • Whatever is the reason for being low, make a promise to yourself that you will come out of it and make genuine efforts DAILY (EVERY DAY) to come out of it.
  • Do things which will boost your self confidence, gives you happiness and courage.
  • Be greatful for whatever you have , small or big.
  • Make a flash card of affirmations and read them every day the moment you get up . These should be opposite to the reason because of which you are in this situation.

Eg- If you feel physically weak, say to yourself that “I am strong, healthy and happy”

If you have gone through a heart break and feel no one love you, say to yourself that “You are being loved by every one around you”.


  • Believe in yourself, believe in the power of universe and try to learn a lesson from this situation
  • Spend time in nature , observe flowers blooming, birds chirping, river flowing , the way they are doing their work without any expectations and emitting only positivity around them.
  • Follow any hobby or pursue your favorite activity as it will help you to broaden your horizon and will make you more happy.
  • Smile often rather laugh more and love yourself, show some extra care for yourself and do not wait for others to love you. You are special , you are unique because you are YOU and no one else can be YOU.

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